Glisten up peeps….

This is a story where the twist comes at the start.

It’s the cultural emergence of a transitioning legend into pure, ethereal art.

Venus Virgin Tomarz stepped through a dark looking-glass into a something beyond dreams. And into pure interworldy vibrance.

And not just that. The scintillating Venus of today is propelling a feel that anoints a silky flux. She seeks nothing less than a new perfection of human thought.

A transitional wonder. She is here. He has departed. You have arrived.

It comes with a price. A war for peace and beauty. The war-loving news editors of the world are electric with excitement.

Take a long hard look at the beauty you see. It shouldn’t be hard Venus is easy on the eyes and the thighs.

Then follow along to see what marvels are ahead.  Adjust your wellbeing dial to stupendous.

Yes, Venus is for you. It is so simple. Venus wants everyone to follow her lead. Enter please into a fine new world of artistry and enchantment.

The portrait of this Venus you see now is very Post-Botticelli, in a manner of speaking. That great artist’s Venus emerged from a clamshell. This Venus, our Venus, emerges from our rebellious modern age. Venus Virgin Tomarz is the new decipherer of modern understandings and knowledge.

Have you wondered where all the glamour and stardom is going? Wonder away. Our new Venus is the time-line ultimate of all those breathtaking ladies of the silver screen and the stars of your handheld, mesmerising panels and phones of wonder. She is the perfect summation. She challenges the fundamentals of eternal beauty, electro-allure, charm and dynamism.

See her splendiferous imagery and be overwhelmed. Pixels everywhere … rejoice !

Venus is undertaking a planetary war of style in the heavens above so that you don’t have to. Feast on image luxury and bathe in the sparkling waterfalls of sensitivity.

Introducing Venus Virgin Tomarz and her interstellar art extravaganza.

It’s a trip. Tickets are free.