i’m an artist and that’s that.

Hello and welcome aboard. I am pleased to be your new world Glambassador.
How is your reality going today? Mine is fine and I hope the same for you.
Let’s mesh.


My world offers to make yours fun and stylish in a sparkling new way.
I’ve become a whole new person to accommodate style adventurers just like you.
We can all be part of my parallel universe. You can have some of that added value.
I’ll propel you across the solar winds of modernity.

Lift off.

Don’t worry, those are not skin flakes on your shoulders, they’re stardust.
Everyone glistens when they get on the very fast missile of Venus Virgin Tomarz.
Old value systems farewell. This is a new art that’s easy to get on board and fly away with.
Go with my flow, breathe easy and be part of Tomarz arts.
It collides past, present and future into one gloriously large package. Tied with a bow.


This new art sort is such a good sort. The merge, the verge of it. You will not look back.
My world whizzes for you, fizzes for you and tizzes for you.
The old me I’ve chucked like a husk. I’ve shed the skin and zipped up a whole new and marvellous me.
My fine art is all wand flourish with a presto chango. Your eyes will be refreshed without drops.
My images are the Visine of new contemporary art.
Could not be clearer could it? What you see is not what you get. What you see is what you want.

Fab, that.

This art extravaganza is an astounding collaboration between myself and Photomaker, Robert Earp who believed in the idea and these important art dimensions for the globe.
I have pure respect for the understanding, the beauty and passion for detail of this production team of professionals.

All have “the eye”

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