Finding ourselves is a right royal fight. It’s like battlestars in the galaxies of our minds.

Are we princes, princesses, ponies and prancers? Pricks or tricks?

The working out of the working out of us is like cracking a code. Or a fat. Pardon my forthrightness.

The Venus Virgin Tomarz of the finest imaginings is now complete. Though the path to it was strewn with gems of wonder, rhinestones of attempting and the diamonds of realisation.

What a worthwhile pursuit it has been.

It all came down to artistic freedom.

That’s the very thing that the rigid normals do not wish for us to have. Heavens above, we might escape the general nothingness of conformity.

If you are reading this you are almost certainly an escapee in the way of Venus.


Welcome to the world of art, clarity and invention.

These are the only things that move humanity forward.

Even technology follows them.

And remember Equal is not just a drink sweetener, it’s how everything must be.