MARS TRIUMPH – Planet Home

The heart is in the homo. Just a bargain joke to get your feet planted firmly on home soil.

But where is that home? Could it be somewhere else you have not noticed yet?

With your brain screwed on you can make a new home anywhere. Mars will be home for a lot of people in our lifetimes.

You can go there now inside the capsule of this wild Venus Virgin Tomarz wildly wonderful imaginings. 

If you think it, it can happen. 

Oh dear god, that beautiful new home smell. Close your eyes now and smell it. See, it’s there.

Venus has staked a claim on the firmament of great knowledge and understanding. 

It’s Planet Her

Spray some of her aphrodisiac on and see how she commands.

Venus would be pleased to give you a warm and funny audience.

Use one of your mental tickets now. You have plenty in the concert of your mind.