The hourglass figure is more than you think with Venus Virgin Tomarz.

To her the curves of the space time continuum and gravity waves are bending as well.

Time is becoming like a rubber band being pulled far too far.

V spells it out:

L-i-s-t-e-n  t-o  t-h-i-s.

L-o-o-k  a-t  t-h-i-n g-s  t-h-i-s  w-a-y.

Venus time machines her mind forward to 2080. She is a seer. She understands that

time is running out for many things that won’t be around much longer.

She asks, “Will the sands run through to nothing and we lose beautiful things like tea ceremonies?”

Not if we act. Not if we make certain that lovely things, ideas and sparkling thought can be saved like whales, parrots and tigers.

Venus wants to lead you on a path to noticing wonder that cannot be replaced.

We can all be saviours.

Yes tech is simply the best …but there is so much more. We must not be lost in technical lust.

Being lost in interpersonal lust is lightyears better.

Please fight to keep things that quench our thirst for tang, taste, loveliness and especially glamour grime.

Take high tea with her. And let her talk about beauty, love and understanding.

Sip from her vessel of love.