The fight for the white light of understanding.

Look up, it’s in the heavens. It’s not a war especially, it’s a fight to find the sort of peace we all want. That peace that is only understood by our hearts. 

We cannot have that heart peace until we see who, what, where and why. Why we are who we are. Which side of the fence. This and that. Now and beyond. 

Once we are all happy with ourselves there is a glinting hope that we can be happy with others. No matter what they think they are. 

I could have grown up to be a teapot. But too many teabags for that. 

Think now what you are. Be honest. Most people never really define themselves. This is a wake-up call. I’ve set the alarm. 

Once you decide then it makes life so simple.

You know which way to go.

Crash out of that mirror maze in your mind. Break down the turnstile now and run for freedom.

Only then can you be part of the unity of understanding individuals.

Buddha just texted. He agrees. 

Oh god, now Jesus is on the phone and Mohammed at the door.

When will the Amazon She Women arrive?

Oh, wait, I smell jungle fever.