And how.

Is thought an evil in the wrong mind? It is.

Acting on that evil with weapons is another bad fad.

And war is a fad. Everyone gets caught up in the fashion of war.

Then when everyone is exhausted or dead, they stop that fashion for a while and go back to hemlines and handbags.

Not good is it? Except for the accessories.

By now we all should be bright enough to fix it. But, of course, we aren’t. Another start towards peace must happen. It seems that the artistic mind has a better chance at melding war into happiness.

It’s all territorial. The ‘I want want you’ve got’ mentality. Art has it’s own territory that floats delightfully above the mundane and the warmongers.

It’s so interesting that every war employs illustrators and painters to capture the art of war. Then they put on display.

We might see some blue sky here. If we understand that war is a kind of art, we have a very good chance to adapt it into a benign activity.

I am Venus Virgin Tomarz and I apply for a job in the Art Army.

I love a bang.