Like the shimmering split of twin stars, there’s something really special going on here.

There’s not just one fascination to see. But two.

Introducing first the doer, the activist, the advocate, the work art.

Mars is the modern woman in a mannish world. She is a structure of powerful elegance. Not just a bend of gender.

This is far more kaleidoscopic than the surface of Venus Virgin Tomarz might suggest.

This is deep, man.

This is about fundamental understandings of the roles we all act out on the stage of normal.

You know and I know that each of us needs to feel distinctive. That’s what the truth of fashion is about.

Venus has spent a lifetime performing an analysis of his/her id.

The id is based on our pleasure principle. The id wants whatever feels good at the time, with no consideration for the reality of the situation.

Once Venus was ‘there’ her next mission was to mix reality with the far, far out there by seeing the understandings of the future, life and humanity.

A big ask. But ask away please. It’s why they invented keyboards.

Mars is side one of the music of life. Vibrant, strong and soulful.

And, she’s very well red.