Venus Virgin Tomarz. Like wow. Like now.Is climbing the Everest from male to freemale.
It’s not just a frock, it’s a life.

And up she goes spreading help, goodwill and revolution. Not a woman to be locked to a crib and a kitchen.
This intergalactic chick of chic is spreading a message and not her legs. She’s saying to all manwomankind that the world has eclipsed itself and anyone can zoom. Away from the broom.
After centuries of sexual turmoil there are scars left that can’t easily be corrected by brain surgery. Memories are still there of days when women were crushed and men were conformed.
Venus has scars in her eyes.
She is ascending above those and the terrible daze and flees amongst the stars taking you and me along as well.
Hop her rocket, link into her socket and be mesmerised by the newness of you.
Up up and oy vey!