The romantic persons of the poetic past wondered deeply about hard hearts.

Venus is thinking like that.

She wears her thinking hat to the Melbourne Cup. They all swoon, of course. Even the horses.

Are we becoming detached from the soft, the sweet, the easy on the eye as everything turns into plastic, fake and forthy web nothings?

It is such a perfect question. One you must think about too. Do you?

This is the fundamental manifesto of Venus.

Are we on the road to zero? Our love of screens, wifi and touch buttons screams into place day by day?

Surely, it’s the biggest question of our age. But it goes on further.

Can the flesh of life be supplanted by hard plastic, leaking batteries and programmed adoration?

Well, no.

Venus is the thinking gender bender’s gender bender.

She’s fans gender … count ‘em.

Art and beauty is the saviour. Any sensible type knows that.

Venus wants you to have everything without making all things hard hearted.

Implants can send breasts hard. A garbage bag horror of incredible magnitude.

So, tough kitties for anyone who loses the true perfection of humanity.

Be gone those of concrete hearts.

And let’s luxuriate in fabulous flesh and bone.

Pink out darlings.