Necromancy Radio – Interview with Host – Renee Gee

Venus Virgin Tomarz is the ultimate Glambassador. Born in the South of India, she is a self-made, self-proclaimed, futuristic creative. Venus has been working with Photomaker, Robert Earp in Melbourne for almost 2 years to present to you, a body of work that is out of this world.


This exhibition, held at Glow Studios in Melbourne, was launched like a rocket late last year as I attended the event with my champagne in hand, surrounded by body painted aliens and walls 10ft high adorned with these master pieces. It was a fantastic event with a hugely creative audience, not to mention collaborators that were involved in the project. Venus and I discuss the works for this exhibition in great detail, the story which encompasses many subjects, but most poignant, her transitional journey from Venus to Mars. Her name is intentional, and a testament to this incredible story. Venus has an amazing ability in storytelling as I’ve not seen in quite this way before.


She refers to her love for science fiction in the 60s and 70s, her broad career first graduating as an accountant, and moving in to becoming a true artist, fashion designer with her own label in the 80s and 90s. Sought after by celebrities to design for weddings, parties and anything, Venus knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. The dichotomy of this exhibition Venus Virgin Tomarz, embodies all there is from being a 6ft blonde goddess to a Firey redhead warrior princess on the planet Mars.


Venus is a creator of many other 60’s style pop artworks and will be exhibiting these in a pop-up exhibition of pop art in the coming months at Glow Studios before launching into the next huge event which will be the Head On International Photography Festival. Robert Earp had submitted the works and this internationally awarded Photomaker and Venus make the ultimate dream team. The work is outstanding and details will be coming out soon. Just check the social links below and make sure you don’t miss these upcoming events.


Venus Virgin Tomarz is on a rocket, and it’s out of this world.


For more details on how you can contact Venus, please keep up to date on her Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to also check out the incredible videos created to document the making of this exhibition on her YouTube channel and subscribe!