Venus Virgin to Marz-t’chef!

Relish up. Delish to insanity. Believe us, you’ll get the bug.

A womenu just for yew. Rhymes with chew. Here’s an exercise for your tastier buds.

Bugs as food.

Buggery is the next step on the menu of life.

You’ll be chasing dinner with a can of Mortein.

More and more people here in our world means less and less scrumptiousness on the dinner table.

The grab for food will become greater and greater. And Grater. With not enough to go round.

Edible undies will not be enough.

Bugs are it. Then. They have so much of what we need to run our future streamlined bodies. The steamroller bodies of now will have to go. Wave goodbye darlings.

You’ll be chasing hopping bugs on your quantum pogo stick. Or starve.

Sometimes people call food grub. How close they are to the future. Wrigglies on toast. Wrigglies chewing gum. You’ll be amazed at what sort of protein you’ll be putting down your throat.