Hello and welcome aboard. I am pleased to be your new world Glambassador.

How is your reality going today? Mine is fine and I hope the same for you.
Let’s mesh.




My world offers to make yours fun and stylish in a sparkling new way.
I’ve become a whole new person to accommodate style adventurers just like you.
We can all be part of my parallel universe. You can have some of that added value.
I’ll propel you across the solar winds of modernity.


Lift off.


Don’t worry, those are not skin flakes on your shoulders, they’re stardust.
Everyone glistens when they get on the very fast missile of Venus Virgin Tomarz.
Old value systems farewell. This is a new art that’s easy to get on board and fly away with.
Go with my flow, breathe easy and be part of Tomarz arts.
It collides past, present and future into one gloriously large package. Tied with a bow.




This new art sort is such a good sort. The merge, the verge of it. You will not look back. My world whizzes for you, fizzes for you and tizzes for you.
The old me I’ve chucked like a husk. I’ve shed the skin and zipped up a whole new and marvellous me.
My fine art is all wand flourish with a presto chango. Your eyes will be refreshed without drops.
My images are the Visine of new contemporary art.

Could not be clearer could it? What you see is not what you get. What you see is what you want.


Fab, that.


This art extravaganza is an astounding collaboration between myself and
Photomaker, Robert Earp who believed in the idea and these important
art dimensions for the globe.

I have pure respect for the understanding, the beauty and
passion for detail of this production team of professionals.


All have “the eye”

Thank U
… just add your own emoji.




Robert Earp – Photomaker

Achievement is something personal.
It comes from within.

Its when you stand back and look at your
work and think you have given it your best.

Of course, you are always going to think
you could have done things a little different
or better.


But that is what you take into the next project.

That’s what you have learnt.

That’s when you know you are growing
as a person and as an artist”


Robert Earp is a conceptual photographer shooting global brand campaigns for ad agencies worldwide

Technical proficiency and an eye for creating the aspirational define Rob’s ever-evolving

An active citizen within a worldwide photographic scene, Rob uses global standards
as a barometer for perfecting his own work.

He slavishly adheres to the philosophy that a photographer is only as good as
his/her last assignment.

Having honed his craft as a student of the ‘film era’ in the ‘80s, a young Rob found himself exhibited in the National Gallery of Victoria (Australia) with a shot from only his third roll of film. Since then, he has taken this natural intuition and nurtured it to professional advantage, constantly hitting briefs on the 5th, 6th or 7th frame and editing on-the-fly for greater efficiency in post.


As owner of GLOW STUDIOS in inner city Melbourne and a former partner in a boutique
advertising agency (FUSE ADVERTISING), Rob draws from a cache of photographic expertise and familiarity with advertising industry processes from go to whoa – preproduction, account management, creative and post-production.
This knowledge allows him to work both efficiently and effectively.

As equally invested in each project as Rob, his clients understand that a powerful big picture comes created in the details.
To partner with Rob is to capitalise on possibility, and to do so without compromise and cutting corners.

Rob continues to win accolades in photographic competitions across the world.

Rob is presently represented in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai



Ian Buckland – Wordsmith

is an entertaining award winner and television host, writer and director from Australia, Europe, He also impacted the Broadway stage.

Acclaimed for reinvigorating popular music on television with his show ‘Do It’. He encouraged the foundation of three whole music movements in the Southern Hemisphere.

An instigator of the world Rave music phenomenon.

He hosted many of his own television programmes including The Magic Bag and an acclaimed show that taught literacy using magic.
His radio programme has been on air for twenty-five years.
A member of the Olympic Games innovation group for Atlanta & Sydney.
This century he became the creative wizard behind The Fashion Broadcasting Corporation in Europe specialising in the highest echelon of fashion, French Haute Couture.

In 2003 the Italian Ministry of Culture had him film the 500 year anniversary restoration of Michelangelo’s statue of David.
He is also an internationally respected magician and currently lives in Melbourne and, occasionally, Paris.